Authors Supporting Our Troops

troop2ASOT knows troops overseas could use new toothbrushes and soap and Dorito’s, but there are many other organizations who collect those necessities for them. This program collects and distributes autographed print books, putting them into the hands of US soldiers in remote areas of the world like Kuwait and Afghanistan. Soldiers stationed in Germany or San Diego can easily buy a book or have access to TV, games, e-readers, etc. This is for our military men and women who don’t have easy access to reading material, or much else. It’s something for their downtime between hostile situations…a taste of home and a gift that lets them know we are supporting them and they are appreciated.

It is a non-profit organization and you can learn more about the program, how to directly contribute, and submit information for soldiers you may know that should be on their recipient list here: Authors Supporting Our Troops.

70+books032015(2)With military service family members covering all branches of the military across several decades and currently, Author Andrew Harkless and Welcome Home Press owner Debra L Hartmann are committed to contributing to ASOT. Profits from the sale of story inspired t-shirts and bookmarks (coming soon) will directly be used to support our troops.

#ASOT2015 goal is 3500 books! Be sure to visit their site to see other ways you can contribute.

ugottoTShirt4SaleLet your friends know they should have a little fun while contributing to this important charity!

Purchase this story inspired t-shirt from U Got to Have U Some Fun by Andrew Harkless for $25, including shipping to the continental United States.

Send an email to:

List your preferred size, mailing address, and email address for PayPal.

You will receive an invoice for $25.00 and a receipt for your purchase. Expect delivery in 2-3 weeks.


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