I write about the Everyman, for the Everyman.

That’s not a gender specific term.

It actually means “an ordinary or typical human being.”

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A special thank you to Emily Brock–a very versatile artist who won a competition hosted by my publisher to find just the right artist to create a water color painting showing the characters in my book. Emily read the manuscript and was inspired to paint the original, one of a kind art piece that was used for the cover design. We think she did an amazing job and congratulate her on understanding and capturing our vision so well!

Amazon will give you a 10% preview of the eBook, there’s a short story I wrote recently HERE, and there is an excerpt from Day 3 of U Got to Have U Some Fun HERE.

I hope you enjoy my writing and will become a fan–even better, get in touch and let me know what you thought. I read every review on Amazon and Goodreads and pay attention to all of my social media accounts so I can respond quickly–can’t wait to hear from you!

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Meet me on Goodreads!

Meet me on Goodreads!

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~Andrew Harkless~