Short Stories

Please enjoy the inspired short stories of Author Andrew Harkless.

The Last Rolling Rock

Does anyone ever really ask themselves the difficult questions like “Do I have prejudices, and if so, what are they?”

I had many preconceived opinions not based upon reason or actual experience, but I’ve found that if you ask yourself the difficult questions, the answers—no matter how painful they may be—just might free you to embrace the actual experiences you denied yourself without asking those questions.

Do you really believe we can possibly learn about and accept other people without knowing ourselves first?

Prejudice, in this man’s opinion, is the antithesis of growth and progress.

The Last Rolling Rock is a short story about the remembrance of an experience that eliminated the possibility of a prejudice.



The Money Order

Eavesdrop on a father sharing a memory with his son about an event that occurred while he was a marine during the Vietnam War.

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