Special Thanks to My Crowdfunding Contributors

champagneI hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and started their new year off safely, and by proclaiming positive, achievable goals for 2015!

My goal is to entertain potential readers by selling a huge number of U Got to Have U Some Fun so I can quickly get to work on my next novel.

Thank you to each and every contributor to my Pubslush crowdfunding campaign! As a bonus, my publisher invited everyone that participated, no matter the reward level, to enjoy U Got to Have U Some Fun by downloading the eBook on December 6th for free. Of course, you are all also invited to leave a review on Amazon after you’ve read it and I so look forward to hearing from you!

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to every person who donated to this campaign. Your money is key with helping to format the print copies, pre-order print copies to give away, hire an artist to design the cover art, and hire a PR firm to help brand my name and hopefully sell many, many books!

You all know who you are, but here is the complete list of generous, exceptional, pro-active contributors who realize that many times, artists need a leg-up to create and market our work!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of the following:

Brad & Amy S., Bryan T., Herk S., Lindsey L., Raymond V., Rose P., Christine & Mark S., Chris & Kate R., Doug K., Stephen & Mary N., Ryan S., Erinn F., Tanner L., Michelle N., Heather G., Sean & Margie D., Adam K., Jackie R., Amie S., Jill F., Dave & Kathy N., Toni M., Scarlett S., Jim & Dee P., Eric S., Ellie F., Steve & Patti B., Jeff B., Colleen S., Maripat W., Leona H., Marg B.,  and Tom J.

Thank you, again, everyone, and be sure to follow my website and blog so you can get updates on the exciting adventures to come. We are diligently working on the marketing plans and beginning our work with the marketing and PR firms. There will be things like radio interviews and book signings and I know you won’t want to miss those announcements; after all…you get bragging rights because you helped make it all happen!

Happy New Year!

Life is too short…U Got to Have U Some Fun!





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