What do you like about libraries?

Stockholm Public LibraryI like libraries for weird reasons.

I like that the water fountains don’t shoot a steady stream and you always take one in the eye. I like the random chics who look like they were born in a library, then someone delivered their glasses when they reached puberty. I like the cheap carpet and the echo of inspired thoughts from past readers. I like the security guards who have obviously never read a book. I like the fantasy of a romantic interlude with one of the nerdy librarians—maybe in the Nick Sparks stack, among his sappy books? But mostly, I like libraries because inside all their dust covered, hold-in-your-hand editions, worlds and entire galaxies of imagination and possibilities exist.

Libraries…what wonderful places.

~~~~Andrew Harkless writes stories for the Everyman about the Everyman. Coming-of-age stories (regardless of age) about everyman characters who reach extraordinary crossroads where change is the only path. No matter how average a person may seem at first glance, everyone holds a remarkable story inside.

Your turn! Leave your library thoughts in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “What do you like about libraries?

  1. Reblogged this on Gem in the Library and commented:
    I like the fact that even on the busiest of days I can find peace and solace between the books. I like the fact that students still have to ask ‘how do I find a book?’ It makes the library feel like a best kept secret! What does everybody else like about libraries?


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